Personal Banking


We offer a diverse range of products to assist you in meeting your financial requirements.

CUB Debit Cards

Combining the acceptance of a Credit Card and the functionality of an ATM Card with both Mastercard and Visa options, the CUB Electron Debit Card is the perfect companion for your financial needs.

Key Benefits

  • No worries about overspending, as you can only spend the available funds in your bank account.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the nearest ATM, as you can make purchases directly with your debit card.
  • Convenience that matches your lifestyle, providing a secure and convenient payment method.
  • Instant cash issuance from all CUB branches for quick access to your funds.

CUB Fuel Cards

The CUB Fuel Card is a prepaid payment card designed for exclusive use at fuel stations.


  • Prepaid functionality: The card operates as a prepaid payment card, allowing transactions up to the available balance on the card.
  • Chip-embedded Mastercard with Near Field Communication (NFC): The card is equipped with advanced chip technology and NFC capability, enabling convenient and secure contactless transactions.
  • Accepted at all fuel station Point Of Sale (POS) machines: The CUB Fuel Card is valid for use at CEYPETCO, IOC, and LAUGFS fuel stations, providing you with widespread acceptance.
  • Free SMS alerts: Receive free SMS notifications for each transaction made using the fuel card, keeping you informed about your spending.
  • Zero balance issuance with reload option: The card is issued with a zero balance and can be easily loaded with funds at any time, ensuring flexibility and convenience

Multi Currency Travel Card

CUB Multi-Currency Travel Card is a prepaid Travel Money Card that offers the flexibility of loading multiple currencies. It serves as a convenient and secure alternative to carrying foreign currency notes or traveller’s cheques.


  • Load multiple currencies: You can load different currencies based on the countries you plan to visit, ensuring convenience and flexibility during your travels.
  • Reloadable: The card can be easily reloaded with additional funds as needed, allowing you to manage your travel expenses efficiently.
  • Secured and convenient: With advanced security features, the CUB Multi-Currency Travel Card offers a secure and convenient mode of payment while you’re abroad.
  • Backup card: In the unfortunate event of losing your main card or it being stolen or damaged, you can rely on the backup card provided with the Travel Card.