Who We Are?

Our Mission

Ceylon Union Bank envisions itself as a leading financial institution in Sri Lanka, dedicated to providing exceptional banking services and contributing to the growth and prosperity of its customers, employees, and the communities it serves. With a customer-centric approach, the bank aims to prioritize the needs and aspirations of its customers, building strong, long-lasting relationships through superior customer service and support. Embracing technological advancement, Ceylon Union Bank strives to be at the forefront of digital innovation, offering a comprehensive digital banking platform that enables convenient and secure online and mobile banking services.

Through a diverse range of innovative banking products and services, Ceylon Union Bank aims to cater to the evolving needs of its customers, supporting personal and business growth. The bank is committed to promoting financial inclusion by providing accessible and affordable banking solutions, empowering underserved segments of the population to participate fully in the economy.

Ceylon Union Bank believes in being a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to the social and economic development of local communities. By focusing on initiatives in education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and community empowerment, the bank actively practices corporate social responsibility.

Maintaining strong governance and regulatory compliance is a priority for Ceylon Union Bank. The bank upholds the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and ethical business practices in all its operations, ensuring the trust and confidence of its stakeholders.

Recognizing that its employees are its greatest asset, Ceylon Union Bank envisions a supportive work environment that fosters continuous learning, professional development, and career growth. By nurturing a talented and motivated workforce, the bank aims to deliver exceptional service and drive innovation in the banking industry.

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Our Core Values

Ceylon Union Bank: Customer-centricity, Technological Innovation, Financial Inclusion, Social Responsibility, Governance & Compliance, Employee Development.